Social Sustainability in ISA REP

For ISA REP, Sustainability consists of a set of values, practices and commitments underlying the relations the company build with its stakeholders for the purpose of: promoting sustainable development of the communities surrounding its operations. 

Over 2019, we managed to drive value to all our stakeholders in several areas of activities. Major milestones worth mentioning are the following de interés.

  • ​ Medicinal Herb Garden “Praderas de Vida” (Prairies of Life): 
    The first of its kind in Peru, is a development proposal implemented by ISA REP, our strategic partner KUNAN, an entrepreneurship platform called Perú 2021, and Misha Rastrera, an herbal medicine and cosmetics entrepreneurship.  With this project, we support women in the area of Pampa in a highly populated district of Lima to promote entrepreneurship and empowerment via an initiative of growing/selling medicinal herbs. 


    In addition, we supported a competitive business initiative (“Negocios Competitivos”) together with the Perú 2021 platform to train the several suppliers and have an effect on our chain value.   As part of this training initiatives, entities of all types and sizes become aware of the importance of Sustainability and reporting on it under the GRI standards; the definition of materiality and stakeholders, among other subject matters with the purse to integrate them in a business management system.

  • Also, it is worth noting our gender equality initiatives, such as Mujeres con Energía – Ecowarmi and support to another project called “Tejiendo Futuro” (“Knitting the future”). For Ecowarmi, training was provided to the women running the orchards  “Huertos en línea” (Orchards below our lines”) - in San Juan de Miraflores and Villa María del Triunfo – in transforming vegetables into food for sale and looking for business opportunities (agricultural fairs and itinerant markets). Regarding our support to Keeting the Future initiative, the purpose was to provide relief to the damage caused by Coastal El Niño over 2017 by seeking to help women artisans in Catacaos (Piura) recover their means of living and drive a resilient local economy and enable them to prepare for future adverse climatic events. 


  • ​​Ultimately, as part of our Jaguar Connection Program, trap cameras were picked up in the area of Pucallpa that showed the existence of more than 42 different species within the conservation area. Also, a group of ISA REP collaborators travelled to the intervention area and took part in the Jaguar School to spend sharing time with the community and school boys and girls about the importance of the Jaguar and other felines for overall ecosystems.​ 

Our Strategic Axes



Seeking to improve the quality of education of female and male children living in vulnerable conditions within our areas of direct influence. In the framework of this program, the following projects are deployed:​


School Campaign

Implemented with the communities to which we have social commitments.                                                       


Tax-Deductible Projects

This initiative is intended to contribute to strengthening education in Peru by building and implementing schools. The first project of this type consisted of building the infrastructure and providing equipment to a school (I.E. N 22724) located at Teresa de la Cruz, Ica.             

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ISA REP Scholarship

Opportunity is given to young people of low-income households to take one additional course of study that complements its upper /technical studies.                                                       


Talks with direct-influence communities by ADRA Perú

These talks are intended to communities in which have a direct influence with the help pf ADRA Perú, this is part of our social work in all the stages of our electric transmission projects: design, construction, operations, maintenance.                                                       


Connection Movement: Volunteers

A sharing experience between our direct influence communities and our collaborators; intervention educational proposals are prepared as well as for involvement and listening spaces with the society.

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Local Development​

This axis is intended to contribute to the development of our country and help improve the income-earning levels and living standards of the most impoverished communities within our areas of influence. For this purpose, initiatives are carried to benefit the surrounding communities, seeking sustainability and with the involvement of the affected communities so that they are major players in their own development; that is, making sure that the the progress made does no change eve after the company support ends. Major programs and initiatives are:


Orchards below our Línea

​By implementing urban area agriculture within our electric transmission right of way, we seek to help women and the elderly to earn supplemental income, improve their living standards and enter the labor market. In addition, green areas are implemented to contribute to the protection of the environment, improve the landscape quality, and help the Government fight against poverty.

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Medicinal Herb Garden

The first productive medicinal herb garden in Lima, located right in an unconventional space together with a children's recreational area. This is a business opportunity for women and environmental development to recover polluted areas, those at risk of informal settlers and damage to the power towers. *Donations for emergencies: donation initiatives were completed to help natural disaster victims.

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Social Infrastructure: 

 ​​ This axis seeks to contribute to the public health infrastructure of the communities within the area of direct influence, which show to be very weak in this type of infrastructure and place a priority on implementation during the construction stage.​


Warm and clean houses

Based on an Alliance with Kusimayo, over 2019 we delivered 23 warm houses as a result of the aggregate efforts of collaborators, company and suppliers. 

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Climate Action

Under this axis, projects are intended to contribute to mitigating our impact on the environment; decreasing our carbon footprint and help raising awareness in society about the importance of protecting the environment. 


CIMA - Dejando Huella (Leaving footprint)

It is intended to enhance the quality of the current inventories of known species in the cushion are of the national park - Parque Nacional Cordillera Azul -, resulting in a count of 91 jaguars based on training provided to forest keepers.

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ISA REP is engaged in building, operating and providing maintenance to the electric transmission networks and implementing telecommunication systems, activities and services.

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